A children’s show opens the door for the Gospel.

By March 4, 2004

USA (MNN)–It’s a place where real life and real faith meet kids.

These elements are dramatized for kids through a radio show. Actors Roger and Jill Mueller play the leading roles of the Morrison parents in the CBH Ministries’ radio drama series, ‘Down Gilead Lane’. Roger says the practical message of the Gospel comes through clearly in the stories. “It’s how the situations are dealt with, more than whether or not things are always resolved in a happy way.”

CBH Ministries is committed to reaching kids and their families with the Gospel of Jesus Christ and helping them be better equipped to live according to the the truth of God’s Word.

That means, as listeners respond to the stories, the Gilead cast sees God moving to touch hearts. “Many of the issues”, Mueller says, “deal with the same kinds of issues we deal with as parents.” His wife,Jill, agrees. Playing the role of the perfect parent can be taxing, but at the same time, she sees it as an opportunity to bring real life experience into her character. That’s what the listeners are responding to.

Mueller cites an example of one provoking story. “One of the characters, the wife of one of the people in the town, comes back after a separation of the marriage, and she’s dying of cancer, it ends up. There is no healing, but she does, because of the love of her husband and her family, come to know the Lord and so her passing is really a promotion, but there’s still pain and anguish.”

That sets the stage for questions, and allows the opportunity for local believers to respond with the love of Christ.

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