A Christian group helps women make a difference in Guatemala.

By August 25, 2005

Guatemala (MNN)–The poorest of the poor are seeing the hands of God moving in rural Guatemala.

Food For The Poor’s Angel Aloma says the work there is so much more than ‘social gospel’. “A material malaise goes hand-in-hand with a spiritual one.”

Action will help change that. “By seeing God’s goodness at work in their lives, they are so much more accepting of the word of God and the Gospels.”

It doesn’t happen without partnership–and, Aloma says the result of that is empowering.

“I visited some of the 600 women’s centers that we have. These are women’s nutritional and training centers. We work exclusively through the churches. I visited a beautiful mission there. It’s run through one of our evangelical partners.”

The partner, ‘Hope of Life,’ is working with Food For The Poor to create a community called ‘Leap of Faith.’

They support women and their families through spiritual and vocational training, and also housing and feeding programs.

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