A Christian radio ministy expands to the internet.

By July 8, 2004

Haiti (MNN)–Haiti–a land dedicated to voodoo, where the spiritual manifests in obvious ways, and where people struggle for freedom.

On top of that, add political turmoil, a coup, and natural disaster, and it seems Haiti’s majority poor are a people who have lost hope.

That’s where the work of Men For Missions comes in. ‘Operation Saturation’ is an evangelistic project launched by the laymen’s voice of OMS International.

Radio 4VEH once reached the world using shortwave broadcasts and continued this for many years. In recent years, however, it concentrated its efforts on reaching Haiti.

‘Operation Saturation’ has assisted in this effort by giving Haitians the means to hear the station and with the recent addition of the satellite network, even more Haitians are able to hear “The Evagelistic Voice of Haiti.”

Starting just a few weeks ago Radio 4VEH hit the internet with the addition of 4VEH.COM. 4VEH.COM is listener supported and it is their hope to reach Haitians worldwide.

This year, over 51-thousand fix-tuned radios have been distributed. They’re tuned to Radio 4VEH, As a result of the broadcasts and radio distribution efforts, over 36-hundred listeners, including a dozen witch doctors, have turned to Christ.

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