A Christian relief agency moves to help flood victims in China.

By November 13, 2003

China (MNN)–Heavy flooding in China’s north west has left its mark on the country’s economy and left hundreds of thousands homeless.

Recent Chinese state media reports says weeks of heavy rain and floods this summer in the Shaanxi Province have now affected more than two million people.

The Christian Reformed World Relief Committee began responding to the immediate physical needs since this summer, when the crisis began.

Wybe Bylsma, a former CRWRC board member contacted the CRWRC office with the desire to get involved in the flood project in China. Part of Wybe’s objective was to involve local young people by encouraging them to volunteer, which is unheard of in China. These students willingly participated by gathering and distributing basic items of need.

The teams provided 180 families each with a blanket, mosquito net, and a bed mat. These were commonly used and very practical household items. In addition, the teams also left behind 500 kg of rice.

It was an opportunity to show the love and compassion of Christ to those whose lives were severely disrupted by a ravaging flood.

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