A Christian school begins work in disaster-recovery zone in Guatemala

By February 2, 2009

Guatemala (MNN) — The Good
Shepherd Baptist School in Santiago, Guatemala is just beginning the second week
of ministry in their first school year.

They have partnered with Orphan
to reach 130 children with the Gospel as well as with a
quality education. The student body comes from an area that was devastated by a
mudslide in 2005.  

A neighbor
to Santiago, Punabaj is still recovering from Hurricane Stan's torrential rains
and mudslides. Over 1,000 people died,
and the village was buried under volcanic mud, rock and debris. 

Most of
the people live in temporary housing in a field adjacent to the village as it
is slowly being rebuilt. The hospital, school and police station were
destroyed. The families are still struggling even after almost three
years, and many children are not going to school.

In the
midst of this tragedy, a Baptist pastor who grew up in this community has taken
a leadership role in helping minister to those affected by the crisis. Pastor Diego is working with Orphan Outreach to create a private Christian school in his church to meet the needs of many of the children who do not have
access to education. 

A recent
distribution of school supplies brought not only blessing, but hope. Says Gloria Caceres, the Guatemala
Coordinator for Orphan Outreach, "Several mothers approached us to thank
us for the help. Some of them were crying and said they were very
touched by us because they never thought they would be able to send their
children to a private Christian school. The teachers were anxious to see the
computers and to distribute the school supplies to their children." 

Pray for the funding necessary to
sustain the project, as well as to provide scholarships to 30 children. Pray
that the Gospel continues its transformational work there.


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