A Christian school continues work in Lebanon in spite of growing tensions.

By March 8, 2005

Lebanon (MNN)–Lebanese opposition supporters held a mass rally Monday in Beirut as Syria prepared for an army pullback.

Crisis talks between leaders led to an agreement that Syria’s forces would pull back to Lebanon’s eastern Bekaa Valley by March 31.

However, a complete troop withdrawal will be deferred until after later negotiations. In the meantime, Lebanese flooded the streets to continue to press for a full withdrawal as well as a criminal investigation into the assasination of former Prime Minister Rafik Hariri. It’s one of many daily protests over the occupation.

The unrest has unsettled many routines, including education. We spoke with a school counselor with Interserve. The school she works with is in Beirut. For security reasons, we’ll call her ‘Deborah.’ “Now, because the demonstrations are quite peaceful, the school is remaining open, and so it’s not having any major effect, except for what you would expect, in terms of everybody is curious as to what will happen next.”

Underlying tensions have had little effect otherwise. Deborah says, in fact, their staff is trying to keep things stable for the kids’ sake. “Our school is particularly fortunate where it’s a(n) evangelical school and all those students are aware that they will receive a Bible class every week and chapel everyday. That’s gone unhindered.”

Lebanon’s civil society features active churches and ecclesiastical organizations, a large network of Christian businesses, excellent schools and colleges. At this time, believes are free to worship, and practice their faith. However, pray for the Christians there, that they would be strong in their faith in turmoil.

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