A Christian School in India faces trouble from militant Hindus.

By July 15, 2005

India (MNN)–Back To The Bible reports on opposition faced by a partner in India.

According to them, militant Hindus are conducting a campaign to discredit the school. For security reasons, we’re not giving more details about where the school is.

This is not the first time school administrators have had to deal with these difficulties. In one earlier incident, school officials from a competing school went to the surrounding villages and accused the Christian staff of teaching the children the Bible, changing their religion and taking them back to the British RAJ.

However, the ministry weathered that storm. The school offers village children a quality English education. Hindu parents of many castes have sent their children to this school because of the quality of instruction, knowing that Christianity is part of the curriculum.

Teachers are first trained in the Bible in Practical Bible School. Every class begins with prayer and sometimes the teacher asks the students to pray that God would open their minds to understand the subject.

The team expects more opposition and are prepared to trust the Lord for the solutions. Please pray that the teachers and students would maintain a good testimony in the face of harassment.

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