A Christmas day broadcast will share the Gospel with millions in India.

By December 24, 2004

India (MNN)–In spite of anti-conversion laws, and increased persecution of Christians throughout India, there are plans underway to make sure that the Gospel gets out.
Evangelist Sammy Tippit says they’re piggybacking this effort on the current programs he’s airing throughout the country in the Tamil language. “Tamil can be understood in not only the state of Tamil Nadu, but in places like Sri Lanka and, actually, all through India. We’re talking upwards of 10 million people who will be hearing the Gospel–most of them for the very first time.”

Tippit says the partnership with a Christian group called ‘Good News Television’ has yielded plans for a 24-hour broadcast of the Gospel message on Christmas day. “Of course, hearing the story of Christmas and why Christmas is very important to the Indian, because the context of who Christ is and why He came is very, very important for people in a culture that is not Christian to understand.”

In spite of the troubles in Tamil Nadu, there are some areas where God seems to be blessing abundantly in India. One of the most responsive states to the gospel is Andhra Pradesh.

The Baptist Church of Hyderabad has grown from seven couples 27 years ago to 10,000 members. The church has started 60 missions that have now become full churches and have missions of their own.

Pray for the evangelization of India and the training of leaders in the nation.

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