A church-support agency looks to Moldova.

By November 19, 2003

Moldova (MNN)–It’s being called Europe’s most desperate corner.

Nearly a fifth of Moldova’s 4.3 million people have likely left in search of work and a better life. For those left behind, research indicates they would leave if they could. The grinding poverty has forced many into extreme circumstances of coping with survival.

FARMS’ Joseph Richter says such trouble proves to be both an open mission and an obstacle. “I think one of the things that has to be overcome by prayer is the defeatism that Communism has left upon the country. That somewhat permeates the church.”

It’s partly why FARMS is considering Moldova for partnership. Richter explains they’re looking at the area for a new project launch.

He says their interest is not only because of the economics, but also because the church is vibrant with enthusiastic young people. “I would ask that Christians pray that some effective micro-credit loan programs could begin in Moldova. The needs of the church are tremendous. There are serious needs among orphans and street children.”

FARMS offers micro-credit loans to members of the Christian community with the idea that poor families become self-reliant through hard work and generous giving to their churches. There is no timeline established at this time for launching the outreach in Moldova.

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