A clean water crisis grows in Africa; believers respond.

By August 4, 2004

Africa (MNN)–Africa’s leaders blame poor management of water sources as the greatest threat that will increase both poverty and crisis.

Unless more sustainable approaches to water resource management are adhered to, many will run dry like the Shashe River in Botswana.

The serious water shortage in Africa has a ministry looking to expand. Living Water International’s Jerry Wiles says they’re starting work in the Central African Republic and Liberia, with an eye cast toward more projects in other parts of Africa. “We’re not at liberty to give a lot of details on right now. But, these are countries that we have not been involved in before, and the Lord has provided some funding for us to begin some initiatives there, both well drilling, pump repair, as well as health and hygiene training.”
Wiles says those who do not have access to clean water are the same population who have the least access to the Gospel. Wiles calls it a ‘wonderful ministry opportunity’. “We are one of just a handful of organizations providing safe, clean drinking water, and of course, we’re providing the living water that Jesus talked about in the Scripture. Today, roughly two million people will drink clean safe drinking water as a result of the work of Living Water International around the world, but that’s just a fraction of the people that are without access.”

While the requests for drilling wells exceeds their funds to respond by tenfold, Wiles says they’re always looking for volunteers to help with the project. He says they have over 700 people trained in the drill training camps to help with the projects.

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