A couple is using ‘Friendship Evangelism’ to share the Gospel

By December 18, 2012

Africa (MNN) — How do you share the hope of Christ in an area where 99% of the population is Muslim? Michael and Ann* live in Africa and use what they call "friendship evangelism."

Everything they do is designed to build friendships with their neighbors in towns and villages out in the bush. They are involved in Bible distribution, Christian education, hosting short-term medical workers, drilling wells, and working with the national evangelical church.

In order to avoid accusations of coercion, these TEAM missionaries don't freely distribute the Bible and other Christian literature. Instead, they charge a very small amount–about 20 cents–and give them only to those people that ask.

A complete translation of the New Testament into the local language should be done by the end of 2012. It will be printed into one book, which will make it even easier for people to read the Bible.

Michael and Ann are also active in the private Christian school in town. The school serves around 600 children in grades one through nine. The school openly shares God's word, even though 80-85% of the students are Muslim.

The students who attend get the highest grades in the province on the national tests. Christian, non-Christian, and Muslim parents are eager to send their children to the school because of its high-quality education.

Michael and Ann are building strong friendships. One man who has become a friend they call "the teacher." He helped them with their Arabic language skills when they first moved to Africa.

"He is very open to sharing his culture– the good and bad of the culture," Michael said. The Teacher introduces Michael and Ann as "people of the Book" to his numerous friends and acquaintances.

The Teacher has brought on many opportunities for Michael and Ann to share with the people.

Pray that their words about Christ will be heard by many. Pray that the education program continues to get high scores. Pray that the children from the school will share Christ with their parents.

*Names changed for security reasons.

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