A cube could save thousands from malaria

By July 6, 2011

USA (MNN) — What if a little cube could help save the lives of one million children every year? There is now such a cube: MalariaCube. It's a simple tool that will change how the world views malaria.

Casey See, Executive Director of E3 Resources, says, "MalariaCube is our latest resource that we have created to hopefully help change the way people are educated in the causes, treatment, and prevention of malaria and to help save countless lives."

Malaria affects many, says See. "There are over a million people–primarily children–that die every year from malaria. So, MalariaCube is a resource not only to tell the story about the prevention and causes of malaria, but also to show the story."

MalariaCube will help in cultures where illiteracy is widespread.

While the death rate is high, See says malaria affects many more. "Some of these numbers even shocked us, initially. They say that 40% of the world's population has been affected–through a family member or a very close friend–with the malaria disease."

While helping the physical needs of those suffering in Malaria-infected areas is important, "Our goal at the end of the day is to share the Gospel. And in the area of malaria, it's such a problem that we can tell this story and grab people's attention — where their heart beats. And then we share the Gospel as well," See adds.

See says E3 Resources is selling Malaria Cubes to organizations worldwide who want to make a difference. Experts want malaria eradicated by 2015, and See hopes MalariaCube will help in that process.

If you'd like to purchase MalariaCube, click here.

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