A day of celebration at Sarata Noua

By January 21, 2009

Moldova (MNN) — Children at the Sarata Noua orphanage eagerly anticipate the arrival of Little Samaritan Mission workers bearing Face of a Child gifts.

For six years, LSM has provided essential items to children in this government orphanage. Seventeen children new to the orphanage have experienced a lifetime first: receiving a gift especially for them. The scope of the Face of a Child project changes each year, and in 2009 the focus is "back to school." Much-needed items will be provided for a child in Moldova.

Significant social barriers stood between orphanage and village children, but with items provided by the Face of a Child project, those barriers have started to come down.

"Until now, our orphanage children had to wear a standard uniform which made them stand out in a negative way. None of the village children wanted to interact with them," said orphanage director Ludmila. "By each child receiving an individual package designated especially for him/her, it has impacted the perspective each child has on [themselves] as well as the interaction he/she has with the children from the village."

The Face of a Child project is uniquely designed to meet the needs of children in government orphanages. The Department of Education in Moldova only allocates funding for one pair of shoes per year for each child, and less than $2 USD per day for food. Clothing and bed sheets provided by the government are usually the cheapest made, and it's nearly impossible to save money to meet any of the children's needs. The Face of a Child projects help to provide for some of these struggles.

"I also want to mention that before Little Samaritan came, our children received one bar of  soap per group of 10 boys and 10 girls," said the Sarata Noua school doctor. "Our situation was very bad, but with the help of the Face of a Child project, the level of healthcare has improved."

Many groups participate in the Face of a Child project to improve lives of children in government orphanages. Pray for even more participation. Various needs are addressed each year such as winter coats, shoes, school supplies, sweat suits, hygiene items, and backpacks. Each child receives a gift with his/her picture attached to it, and gifts are administered with love. This customized care often opens the door to sharing the Gospel.

To find out more about the Face of a Child project or to donate items, please click here.


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