A day of prayer for the thirsty March 22

By March 19, 2007

International (MNN) — Every day more than 13,000 people die
from something completely preventable — water-related disease. In the next
minute four children will have died. 
What causes these deaths?  The
lack of clean safe drinking water.

Living Water International
is asking you to do something
about it.  The United National General
Assembly has designated March 22 as World Water Day.  In honor of that day, LWI is asking you to pray for the 1.1 billion people who lack clean safe drinking water.

The goal of this day is to promote awareness of those
suffering people, but also to encourage people to participate in a one day H2O

While you pray, LWI is asking you to make water your only
beverage all day, then donate the money you would have spent on soda pop,
coffee, tea or juice to Living Water International to provide clean water
around the world.

$1 provides clean safe water to a person for an entire year,
so the money you provide can go a long way.

What's even more important is that LWI works through local churches in some areas where Christianity is a minority religion. In
fact, sometimes providing water gives them more credibility to share their
faith more freely.  So, as you give,
you're making an eternal difference in the lives of people literally around the

If you, your family, friends or church group would like to
participate together in the H20 challenge, or would like to expand it to help
even more people,  go to http://livingwater.theh2oproject.org.

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