A deadly fever epidemic is sweeping across Central America

By November 7, 2013

Nicaragua (MNN) — Malaria isn't the only
mosquito-transferred illness infecting thousands and killing many.

According to Food
for the Hungry,
Nicaragua and other Central American countries are facing
the Dengue Fever epidemic.

While one strain of the fever is hardly deadly, causing high
fevers and flu-like symptoms, there is another strain with much deadlier

This strain causes fevers of 106 degrees and hemorrhaging of
veins. The victims will at one moment be conscious, and then go into shock the
next. The end of the illness often results in death.

The Nicaraguan Government declared a red alert on October 25
in an attempt to contain the epidemic. Over
the past two weeks, 4,900 adults and children have been infected in Nicaragua

ReliefWeb reports that as of November 2 of this
year, 16 people have died in Nicaragua. The 16th victim was only 13
years old.

The World Health Organization reports that from August 7
to October 20, there were a total of 8,546 cases, 33 resulting in
death. Men are affected much more often than women.

Food for the Hungry is asking for your help. Their
international aid has provided numerous opportunities to share Christ with people
who have never heard the Gospel. This situation is no different. The
opportunity to help the needy is a great way to practice Christ-like love. 

You can help FH provide treated bed nets and medical
supplies. FH also wants to help fumigate breeding ground of the mosquitoes. Finally,
you can support education about the symptoms. This education will help save
lives because the earlier the illness is treated, the better the chance of survival. Click here for more information.
Pray for the safety of all who fight this deadly sickness.

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