A decade of ministry shares hope with desolate population

By May 10, 2010

International (MNN) — 2009 saw tremendous growth for Crossroad Bible Institute, as they opened three new international Distribution Centers in Ghana, Ecuador and Singapore.

At these centers, CBI ministers and provides education to prisoners in each country.

"CBI is here to help prisoners on their religious journey and provide support so they are equipped to make good choices when they are released back into society," said CBI President Dr. David Schuringa on their Web site.

At the Ghana and Singapore sites, CBI saw their first centers opened in Africa and Asia, respectively. And the center in Ecuador provides yet another place in South America for prisoners to learn about Christ's love.

In 2010, they hope to see the opening of three more centers in Nigeria, Zambia and England. CBI established their first center in Canada a decade ago. Today, they have received requests for centers in over 40 countries.

Additionally, in the US, several minister to Spanish-speaking prisoners, many of whom are illegal immigrants. When they are released and sent back to their country, many share the Gospel with their families for the first time.

Through their ministry, CBI is providing hope in Jesus' name to some of the world's most desolate people.

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