A film ministry is undaunted by shadows of violence in India.

By November 3, 2003

India (MNN)–The All India-Christian Council reports that despite an Gujarat High Court order prohibiting it, the illegal census of Cristians continues in Gujrat, with the latest such incident being reported from Ahmedabad city.

This is the lastest move in anti-conversion laws and surveys on Christian activity and finances that add to a growing sense that time may be growing short for unrestricted ministry.

Dayspring International’s John Gilman addresses this. Teams minister through ‘Dayasaga’, an all-Indian acted film on the life of Christ. He says in spite of the anti-conversion laws passing throughout India, “Our teams are able to show this film freely. It is entertaining, educational, informative, and it is action-packed. Oftentimes, our teams will actually setup the equipment in front of the Hindu temple because the local priest there will cooperate and say, ‘yes, please come and use the electrical outlet.'”

Gilman says because the film is a community event, resistance to the Gospel is down. That leads to response, and a future for the church. “So, discipleship becomes a component of our ministry that is key and fundamental. We want to see Christ groups established in every village where possible.”

Dayspring is committed to the follow-up of new believers by cooperating with existing church-planting groups – or where none exist, organizing new ones.

Often teams are accompanied by the very pastor who will come to that village the next day to begin the long-term process of discipling these babes in Christ. More than 2,000 such churches have already been established.

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