A gift provides a reminder of faith, hope and love

By June 25, 2010

Burundi (MNN) — For many of us, morning means tea or
coffee. It's also a good time to be
reminded of the connection between AIDS, widows, vocation, and the Gospel. 

Global Action is offering a handmade coffee sleeve, produced
by AIDS widows in their Burundi micro-enterprise program. 

The connection with coffee is a powerful one. In addition to a reminder to pray, there's a more
physical connection between Burundi and coffee.

Burundi is one of the ten poorest countries in the world.
That is partially due to civil wars, corruption, poor access to education, and
the effects of HIV/AIDS.    

Although copper and cobalt are its richest natural
resources, the country's main exports include coffee and sugar. As the reputation for excellent coffee grows,
so does political and social stability. 

In the wake of a new dawn, there are all those who carried
the weight of the conflict left in the shadows. Many are widows or orphans, product of a decades long civil
conflict…many others are living with the HIV infection or full-blown AIDS. 

Despite attempts to de-stigmatize the illness, it still
carries the scent of anathema. For those
unfortunate enough to be both a widow and one who is infected with HIV/AIDS, it is difficult to

That's where Global Action is making a huge difference. Their ministry
includes global prayer initiatives, leadership training, micro-enterprise, and
other assistance programs to women in need around the world.

Something like a coffee sleeve represents a long journey
from despair to hope. It's a reminder
to pray, but it's also a prompt to remember that others have decided to journey
with these women and their families as they follow in Christ's footsteps.

It's like a roadmap to ministry. Click here for details.


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