A good problem to have: not enough Bibles

By January 19, 2011

Undated (MNN) — Vision Beyond Borders has been raising
money for desperately needed Bibles in a closed country.

In December, the team met with church pastors regarding the Bible delivery. The Bibles were
in a particular dialect that was needed and hadn't been seen in this country. While
thrilled to get the Bibles, they explained their great need for more.

These church leaders are part of a group of 200
churches with approximately 60,000 believers. They expressed an urgent need for
2,000 Bibles in order to supply each Church with just 10 Bibles each.

The team rose to the challenge and in short order raised
most of the $10,000 necessary to purchase these Bibles. When they arrived in Southeast Asia to
pick up the order, they discovered the Bibles were soft cover.

Unfortunately, the areas they would be going to are remote churches in the humid
jungle. Soft covers would rapidly
deteriorate in the moist air. However, hardcover Bibles cost twice what was originally anticipated.  

Vision Beyond Borders is trying to raise the additional
$10,0000 to supply the Bibles to these churches, ministering to a largely
unreached people group.

If you can't help financially, please pray that the
funds will come in and that many will be saved as a result of this outreach.  VBB is thanking God for the opportunity to
take Scripture into a country where it has not been available in this
particular dialect and language.

pray that God will accomplish every purpose He has intended for this team. Pray for safe delivery of Bibles, and safety
and effectiveness in passing through closed borders. Click here if you can help.

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