A Great Crate finds a ready home in the Philippines

By April 7, 2008

(MNN) — Christian Resources International (CRI) is working with a partner in the
Philippines in an area with few Christians who afford their own Bible. 

Fred Palmerton says they recently sent a "Great Crate" full of Bibles and Christian literature to answer the
need. "It took months to get it
cleared. Satan came after it in all directions. But it got into port and was delivered to our recipient there. They do
mission work in the southern part of the Philippine Islands as well as the
Manila area."

people are open to the Gospel, even in Muslim areas, the books will be
well-used.  "There were 44,000
pounds of material, which represents at least 20,000 books, with a third
of those or more, Bibles. They're just so excited to get it, and they're right
now unloading, sorting, categorizing and getting them on library

CRI is planning a mission trip in late
October to visit that partner in Iloilo, Philippines.

But this shipment of Christian literature is literally a drop in the bucket, says Palmerton. Aside from the Philippines, CRI has received requests
for resources from dozens of other countries. That
means they need Christian books, Bibles, Sunday
School materials, and tracts to meet these needs.

CRI takes gently-used resources, sorts them, and packs them into shipping
containers to answer the requests. It's
a community of Christians from all the nations of the earth, sharing with one
another and working together to bring the Gospel of Jesus Christ to communities

here for more information, or to find out how you can get involved.

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