A haven for orphans looks to expand

By June 14, 2013

India (MNN) — While India has the most orphans and vulnerable kids in the world–over 30 million, there are very few children's homes.

The Gangetic Plain region of northern India is home to 35 million at-risk kids. They're exploited through child labor and prostitution, and most drop out of school because of poverty before reaching 5th grade.

There are only a few organizations addressing the massive needs in this region. Baptist Global Response partners are working alongside one of them to provide a home for 33 orphaned and poor children.

These kids are provided with an education, boarding, quality food, love, and care at the Blue Haven Children's Home. Launched in July 2005, the home is directed by a woman who personally understands the children's needs.

Mrs. Ricky Srivastava is an orphan who was taken in and raised at a children's home high in the Himalaya Mountains. According to TellASIA Ministries, her passion is to save more children, as she herself was rescued.

However, budget limitations and a lack of space are forcing the Blue Haven Children's Home to turn children away. Pray that the Lord will provide funding needed to cover food expenses.

There's a glimmer of hope on the horizon. Land has been purchased through a generous donation, and plans are in the works to expand Blue Haven Children's Home to reach more kids.

Blue Haven Village will include the expanded children's home, school, and medical clinic. Plans for a self-supporting facility include accommodations for 100 orphans and at-risk children. The school will provide a complete primary education (grades K-12) for 800-1,000 boys and girls.

Can you help? Click here to support the project through BGR's Widows, Orphans and Vulnerable Children fund.

Pray that more children will experience the powerful love of God. Ask the Lord to give these kids a hope for the future.

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