A hunger for Scripture leads to new projects

By November 5, 2013

Ghana (MNN) — How often do you stop and think about the Bible as a translated book? Not often, right? For many language communities, it is a huge joy to have the New Testament translated into their heart language.

To read and understand any portion of God's Word in one’s own language is a gift. And to have the entire Bible is an even greater gift.

Thus begins the task of translating the Old Testament into the Vagla language in Ghana.

Bible translation consultant with
Wycliffe Bible Translators USA, Mary Steele, will soon begin to work with the Vagla language team, checking translations of Deuteronomy and possibly Nehemiah and Daniel.

Praise the Lord that the New Testament has already been translated in Vagla. The communities are anxiously awaiting more of God’s Word.

Pray for wisdom for all who are involved. Pray that God’s Word will be made available for more language groups.

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