A Jesus Film team sees large response in Ethiopia

By November 27, 2006

Ethiopia (MNN/JFP) — Despite not having the ‘JESUS’ Film in their own language, people in a remote village in Ethiopia responded to JESUS in an incredible way.

A small film team brought the “JESUS” Film to these Buma people. Since the team didn’t have the film in their language, one of the team members took the microphone and began narrating the action and words of Jesus.

According to the JESUS Film team, sometime during the section where Jesus was beaten, crucified and raised from the dead, something amazing happened. Suddenly, spontaneously, a large group of the audience stood to their feet and rushed the screen. Acting as one, they held their hands high, pressing forward, in unison–as though in worship, acknowledging Jesus as God.

A volunteer was standing by the screen with a camera and took a snapshot at that exact moment. She and other witnesses declared that the only explanation for what they saw was the Holy Spirit. They believed that He moved among their hearts as they watched, revealing Himself to the villagers. Many villagers made professions of faith.

Pray that Christians will be able to follow up with these new believers so they will grow in their faith.

The JESUS Film is the most widely distributed film of all time. It’s been translated into more than 900 languages, has had more than 6-billion viewers and has been seen in every country.

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