A kindergartner blazes trail in Bible collection drive

By October 9, 2007

USA (MNN) — A kindergartner is blazing
the trail in the "Million Bible Challenge" Collection Drive. 

Christian Resources International's Fred
Palmerton says 5-year-old Connor Strode proves that age has little to do with
participation in "Operation: Bare Your Bookshelf." "When he
heard about the 'Million Bibles,' he got very excited. And instead of selling candy bars for his school, he
was knocking on doors asking people if they had Bibles that they did not need
to donate to somebody overseas that didn't have one. This little guy collected
over 100 Bibles." 

CRI is partnering with a Christian radio
station WBGL 91.7 FM in Champaign, Illinois for the drive in this area. Connor
happened to catch a broadcast about the project, which is where the idea began.

With the support of his parents, Connor
set up a donation box at his church, which was soon filled to overflowing. His grandmother cleaned out the local Dollar
Store to help him over his goal. The
total was 111 Bibles that Connor and his family sent to CRI. 

Palmerton says most of those Bibles will
be headed for Kenya, but notes that they have requests for Bibles from 160
countries to fill.

If there are families who are excited
about sharing God's Word overseas, Palmerton says, "I would encourage families to get out
into their neighborhoods and ask their neighbors if they have Bibles that they
haven't used in a while. Get them donated, and send them to CRI."

Participants can either mail
the Bibles to CRI, or they can go to the Web site and fill out the form online
to be a part of "Operation:
Bare Your Bookshelf." Just enter your name, address, and denomination in the form
below, and they'll send all the mailing materials needed to send Bibles and
Christian books to a specific pastor, Christian worker, church member, or
seeker overseas. They'll even send the actual request letter to help establish
a prayer connection.  Click here
if you want to be a part of "Operation: Bare Your Bookshelf."

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