A lawnmower paves the way for Bible translation

By March 2, 2010

Papua New Guinea (WAS/MNN) — When the new airstrip was
dedicated and opened in Megamanau, Papua New Guinea, the villagers

All around, men robed in traditional warrior dress and
makeup were a testament to the fact that something important was taking place.

If planes don't have a safe place for landing, then anything
requiring transport comes to a screeching halt. Since
it takes a three-day walk to reach the nearest road, the airstrip is critical
to getting translators, volunteers, and supplies in and out. 

In this case, Wycliffe Associates partners caught the
vision. They provided a heavy-duty
commercial lawnmower and training to help complete the airstrip. The mower will be vital in controlling the
tall grass and other vegetation in order to keep the airstrip safe for takeoffs
and landings.

Since 2006, a pair of translators, Marcus and Lisa
Mellinger, have been working on
completing the four Gospels and the Book of Acts. The new airstrip will provide a tremendous
boost as they work toward the completion of the Scriptures.



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