A life of education for vulnerable children in Kenya

By December 11, 2015
(Photo courtesy Set Free Ministries)

(Photo courtesy Set Free Ministries)

Kenya (MNN) — Set Free Ministries (SFM) mission partner Omwabini Rescue Steps School has a goal of reaching the most vulnerable children in Kenya with a life of education and fulfillment.

In Kenya, it’s quite rare for orphans or children living in poverty to receive a quality education. Though the government has released billions of shillings to provide free primary and secondary schooling, there are still hidden costs.

“In 2002, the Kenyan government said they were going to offer free education to all the children in Kenya. People received the news with a lot of excitement,” says James Bunyasi, the head of Omwahini.

“We thought that was going to be a great idea, and eventually we realized that for these children to be accepted in school, they still had to pay for their tuition. They had to pay for the examination money, [and] they had to buy books.”

That realization triggered the birth of the Omwabini School.

Bunyasi tells the founding of the school sparked interest when his mother decided to quit her job to work closely with widows and orphans. Bunyasi had a comfortable life, but says it wasn’t fulfilling. He decided to take the plunge with his mother even though “people thought we were crazy.”

In 2002, Bunyasi centered on making education truly free for kids in unfortunate situations. The school is guiding the lives of hurting children, many who’ve been orphaned by AIDs.

“We realized that most of these children could not buy the schooling. They could not buy the books. So we thought the best thing to do is target the most vulnerable children and the orphans and give them a chance to get the best education.”

SFM came alongside Omwabini with fundraising and support efforts going toward the books, supplies, desks, and the building of homes and four school facilities. It continues working with the school by providing a mentorship and spiritual program.

Bunyasi says he is thankful to God that the staff is able to make a difference in the lives of the kids as a result of the partnership with SFM.

The kids are also encouraged to be thankful and recognize God’s provision. “We want them to know that it is because of God’s love to them that they are able to get an education and the clothing and the shelter and the best things,” says Bunyasi.

Many of the children have made the decision to follow Christ, a number of which were once Muslims.

In the last decade, the school has seen an incredible growth and give credit to God and SFM.

“Set Free Ministries are doing a wonderful job and they need partners to stand with them, to pray for them, to donate so that they can continue to make more impact…. We believe that they’re called by God to serve humanity.”

Consider supporting SFM’s work so it can continue its efforts in vulnerable lives. Also pray their work will open hearts to the Word of God to people worldwide.

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