A little goes a long way in Ukraine

By August 24, 2015

Ukraine (MNN) — You’ve heard it said that a little goes a long way, but have you ever wondered just how far a small gift would go? According to a recent report from Slavic Gospel Association, you’d be surprised.

Earlier this year, Slavic Gospel Association received a gift of $10 from a young partner named Charlotte. She wanted to assist Ukranian churches in a project to distribute food and other aid to some of the needy refugee families in the area.

Photo Courtesy Slavic Gospel Association

(Photo courtesy Slavic Gospel Association)

The results were astonishing, so much so that the Ukranian churches produced a video thanking Charlotte for her gift and showing her how God can turn something small into a powerful method of spreading His love.

The short video showed a van loaded with as many as 50 loaves of bread. The volunteers took the bread to a small town in Eastern Ukraine, where they distributed the loaves to the needy. They also gave out stuffed animals and toys for the children, Christian literature, clothes, bedding, food, and more.

Charlotte was able to send in just $10 dollars to Slavic Gospel Association’s Crisis Evangelism Fund and supply as many as 50 loaves of bread.

Slavic Gospel Association wants to continue that trend. For example, they’re asking you to give a small $15-gift to provide a food pack, which contains flour, cooking oil, pasta, and other basic food items, as well as some Christian literature.

Larger gifts are also appreciated and can fund things like mattresses, pillows and bed linens, Bibles, and general support for church leaders in conflict zones.

It’s easy for a small gift to have a powerful impact; just ask Charlotte!

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