A longtime friendship reveals valuable evangelistic tools.

By April 20, 2007

Costa Rica (MNN) — Christian Resources International tells the
story of a linguist, Luis Diego, from Costa Rica. A few years ago he wrote to CRI and asked
for materials, but he couldn't pay the shipping. Diego then offered to do
translation work with CRI in return for his books, thus cementing the

CRI recently sent him some books which he has used to teach
and to evangelize. Diego shared the
benefit of the knowledge he was gaining with his Sunday School class–just one of the advantages of his relationship with CRI.

In addition, Diego writes, "I have had a chance to
share the Gospel for years with my fellow workers in the special bus taking us
back and forth from INCAE, the business school I sell translations
to." Since the group is not Christian, discussions
focus on topics such as history. Books on church history have been
very helpful in opening doors for the hope of Christ.  

He says the resources have been effective, encouraging, and
valuable. That's why CRI exists.  CRI's current supply of Bibles is at an all time low — the
most recent Great Crate is packed and on its way, and there's only a few Bibles
left on the shelves.

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if you have Bibles, old commentaries, or other materials that you can donate to
CRI to help resource the international church.

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