A ‘Macedonian Call’ forms for Africa.

By April 4, 2005

Africa (MNN)–There’s a new partnership envisioned through an American pastor to answer the ‘Macedonian Call,’ only to Africa.

Worldwide Christian School’s Dale Dieleman says the program is dubbed ‘African Call.’ It’s the brainchild of Grand Rapids, Michigan, pastor, Reverend Ruben Richardson, “to connect African Americans with Africa in some mission and outreach kinds of efforts.”

But the vision didn’t stop there. As Richardson shared his passion, Dieleman says others came on board and began looking at “building a holistic ministry base to address a variety of issues and challenges.”

As with the ‘Macedonian Call’, Dieleman hopes those who respond are already involved in ministry. “What the consortium will do is to arouse a collaboration of people in the medical field, in education, in evangelism and church planting, health care and also spiritual and emotional ministries.”

The consortium has plans for centers in Johannesburg, South Africa (South region), Nairobi, Kenya (East region), and Monrovia, Liberia (West region).

Teams will target programs and needs of the area for consideration. They will then connect initiatives to the supporting American committee for further development, implementation and funding.

By teaching biblical values through these programs, such as equality, fair treatment, equal opportunity and freedom of religion and expression to children, lives can and do change.

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