A marathon to give Scripture to each home in Cuba

By September 7, 2004

Cuba (MNN)–Thousands of Cuban children are making commitments to Christ.

Book of Hope’s Marathon Program sends out Christians from local churches to distribute Scripture to each home and follow up a few weeks later.

Book of Hope’s Rob Hoskins is excited. “Our response has just been tremendous. It’s been more than anything we could expect. For instance in one city we distributed, six-thousand children and youth received the book and of those six-thousand that kids received God’s Word, on the follow up visit two-thousand of them made commitments to Christ; over 30-percent. And just the testimonies of these kids coming to the Lord are miraculous.”

With such a great response, Book of Hope needs your help. One-dollar can reach three kids with the Gospel. Book of Hope is ready to bring in thousands more Scripture packs for the children and youth of Cuba.

The great economic needs in Cuba are driving people to look for hope, and it’s impacting the local church.

Hoskins says, “The church growth in Cuba is fastest in all of Latin America, and so we just see that by continuing to send God’s Word in to reach children and youth, we’re going to continue to fuel those flames of revival that are going on in Cuba today.”

The great thing about this program, says Hoskins, is that it is not just evangelism, but also follow up discipleship and connecting people with the local churches in Cuba.

Pray for the continued growth of the church in Cuba.

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