A ministry considers legacy

By July 20, 2010

International (MNN) — A legacy is something you leave behind that will
benefit others. It provides a foundation
for future generations to build upon.

David Shibley with Global Advance credits his father with that nearly a
half century ago in his own church. 
"The legacy that my father, Warren Shibley, began continues to the
present day. From the very first offering that church ever received, 50-percent
went straight to missions."

Today, it is STILL a missions-minded church in the Hispanic community of
Tulsa, Oklahoma. More importantly, the
elder Shibley set the example for a global body of Christ. His
son, David, founded Global Advance, a ministry geared at helping the under-resourced church.  

Since its inception, the ministry has seen exponential
growth in more than 75 countries. This year, "Global
Advance will be involved in equipping pastors in Colombia, Tanzania and Ivory

David cites a Barna research report that estimates roughly 8% of the two million pastors in the
developing world have formal ministry training. The Global Advance team
is focusing on the 92% that have
nothing, with the goal of equipping one million church leaders and pastors.

They now have over 150 strategic international relationships
that have opened the door for ministry in over 75 nations.

Why? The resulting Frontline
Shepherds and Marketplace Missions conferences along with the Global Advance Ambassadors Network lay the
groundwork for future evangelism. Shibley is also following his father's
example by creating a rich spiritual heritage for his son, Jonathon. 

Jonathon heads up the Marketplace Missions side of Global Advance. Through a marketplace
leadership conference, national business leaders will be better equipped to
understand their role in the marketplace from a Kingdom-perspective, operate their
businesses with integrity and character, and better understand both spiritual and
technical aspects of doing business.

David explains that's why they are determined to continue. "It's
extremely vital that we make preparation not only for our own home-going, but
also that we make preparation for the generations to come, that the Gospel will
impact them and change them."

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