A ministry for children in West Africa expands scope

By May 26, 2010

International (MNN) — The United Nations Children's Fund
says there's a two-way relationship between extreme poverty and lack of access
to safe water. About two-thirds of those without access to safe water live on
less than $2 a day. Half of these live on less than $1 a day.

Worse yet, every year more than five million children die
from waterborne diseases stemming from lack of access to clean drinking water. 

John Rouster with
Every Child Ministries says that's not acceptable
when such deaths are so easy to prevent. "We will be working in Ghana, West Africa, and will be producing
some filters to put in our children's home. We will also be working in Northern
Uganda where they are resettling the IDP camps." 

Rouster says he did his training through Equip International
which helped him put a framework around ECM's vision. They're also working with ministries like
Living Water International and others to implement the water technology in key areas where ECM

A water team will be in place for seven weeks starting in
mid June. Another team goes in
November. Rouster explains, "We
will be drilling wells and also producing water filters. We'll also
repair the pumps, because once the pump breaks, no one knows how to fix

Literally, it's a cup of cold water in Jesus' name. "Jesus told us that He gives living
water. We can incorporate the Gospel while we're drilling wells. We have
people also teaching about hygiene and about clean water in the villages."

Access to clean drinking water will open many doors in the
surrounding communities. Pray that team
members will be bold in sharing Christ and that hearts will respond
to the Gospel. You can help with prayer
and financial support. Click here.

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