A ministry grieves with believers in Colorado, considers impact

By December 12, 2007

USA (MNN) — Authorities investigating Colorado's shootings
say the gunman held a grudge against Christians.

Ironically, 24-year-old Matthew Murray had been training to go on a
mission trip but was kicked out of the
Youth With A Mission program. 

to other sources, Murray was training to go on a missionary trip with the YWAM
center. However, the  Director of the
missionary center was quoted as saying that he was left off the 2002 trip to
Bosnia for health reasons.

In the aftermath, Murray began venting his disappointment online. That, according to police, eventually grew
into bitterness, and he began sending hate mail to the Arvada training center.

Murray's anger was expressed in the rampage that took the lives of sisters
Stephanie Works, 18, and Rachael Works, 16, Tiffany Johnson, 26, and Philip
Crouse, 24. David Works, 51, remained
hospitalized. Two others were wounded–Charlie Blanch, 22, and Dan Griebenow, 24.  

While some called the four who died in Sunday's shootings "martyrs," Open Doors USA's President Dr. Carl Moeller clarified that a bit more. "I would say that those brothers and
sisters who lost their lives this past weekend were killed in persecution
against Christians, a vendetta by this man against Christians."

Open Doors supports the global persecuted church. Moeller says this incident shows the American
church should be prepared for the rigors of evangelism. "As Christians in America, the more we
stand up for righteousness in our society, the more we stand up for God's Word
in public places, and the more we make Christianity the issue of life…we'll draw more and more fire. It's inevitable."

Above all, he urges prayer, not only for God's healing on
the community but also for a boldness of faith for those most affected by the

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