A ministry helps prepare young adults for life in Russia

By October 11, 2011

Russia (MNN) — A new school year is underway in Russia. For those who are high school age and without family, it's
another year closer to the unknown.

Children have to leave the
orphanage at age 15 to 18 with very little hope for a successful future. There is usually one social worker for dozens of children in the
orphanage. Many are simply unequipped for adult life on their own when
they age out of the system. This leads
many to substance abuse, prison, or death within a short time after they leave.

While officials recognize what
needs to be done to answer the growing problems, they don't have enough people
to meet the training and mentoring needs. That's why Orphan Outreach began its orphan
graduate program in January of 2009.

Their team focuses on orphans from the
Tomachova orphanage in the Leningrad region. They partner with an
Orphan Outreach social worker who helps young people learn how to live
independently, find a place to live, or transition to a vocational school or
university. The team works to ensure
that each of the graduates knows Christ personally and has the support of
the church before the transition.

According to the team, the program continues to grow. They now have 20 orphan graduates, five of
whom joined in September. Orphan Outreach also wants to start weekly
Bible classes with them. Please pray for
good relationships, open hearts, and new opportunities to influence the lives of
these young adults spiritually and emotionally.   

The staff is also working on a program for children at risk
and orphan graduates in partnership with local churches and other
organizations. Please pray for fruit from the new program, "Day Center for
Kids, Teens and Youth."   

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