A ministry in Haiti threatened from internal pressures.

By August 3, 2006

Haiti (MNN)–The United Nations says Haiti stands ready for peaceful development after staging successful elections in 2006.

The country may now be ready to move onto peace efforts after the subsequent forming of a new democratic government.

However, the US-Department of State says Haiti remains under a travel warning because of continued instability in Port au Prince.

Defying its traditional patterns, the political unrest has not spread to Cap Haitien where For Haiti With Love is headquartered.

That’s a relief, says For Haiti’s Eva Dehart. “Outside, everything is working beautifully for us. God is opening new doors for contacts and help for Rosaline, lowering the prices of some of the things that we have to buy, which in turn, lets us help more people.”

Rosaline is Dehart’s daughter who is currently heading up efforts in-country. However, Dehart says the death of ministry founder Don Dehart has provided a challenge in unexpected ways.

It’s an obstacle that requires much prayer because of what is at stake. National staff resisted Rosaline’s administrative efforts to the point of a two-day work stoppage.

Dehart says the contrast is striking. “Everything is going wonderfully and being blessed on the outside of our headquarters, but the staff on the inside is resistant to change and the loss of Don is affecting the staff and they’re just not adapting very well.

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