A ministry joins tourism and Scripture distribution for Chinese believers

By June 29, 2011

China (IBS/MNN) — More than 873 million people speak Mandarin Chinese
worldwide. Just by sheer numbers, it's
obvious that there's a need for biblical resources. That number increases as does the growth of
the Chinese Christian population worldwide.

Traditionally, it's been a challenge to get enough Bibles into the hands of
believers. There are Bibles being
published through a state-approved company, but what they can produce is a drop
in the bucket. 

Even as church leaders ask for more Bibles, some are finding a whole new
meaning to "vacation with a purpose." Global
tourism has been expanding over the last decade which also increases opportunity to share God's Word. According to Biblica, their Chinese tourist
ministry can reach 30,000 tourists with the Chinese Contemporary Bible.

For example, one tourist thanked the volunteers for his Bible and said, "I'm
from a Christian family. We have four generations of Christians in my family
but have never had a Bible in our home. Thank you so much — now we have one!"

Another tourist walked repeatedly, and each time, she picked up a few more
Bibles. When the team asked her why she needed them, and she replied, "In our
church there are no Bibles. We only get printed portions of Scripture to use
during service. I wish I could carry enough Bibles back for our whole church!"

most recently-launched Chinese Contemporary Bible is being shared with
tourists as they travel worldwide. "A young Chinese woman came to me and
pointed to her heart and said, ‘Hallelujah,' an indication that she was a
believer," said a Chinese tourist ministry volunteer. "She encouraged others to
come and receive the Bible. It was a beautiful reminder of the biblical
principle of multiplication."

Pray for funding, resources, and safety for all who work in Biblica's Asian
projects. Many Christian staff risk persecution, and many need more volunteers
and resources to carry out ministry successfully.

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