A ministry prepares for looming crisis in Haiti uprising.

By February 11, 2004

Haiti (MNN)–The United Nations, United States and France are watching the violence in Haiti with growing concern.

The bloody revolt against President Jean-Bertrand Aristide has spread to a dozen towns and cities as his political opponents warned that the violence could spiral out of control unless he steps down.

Towns not yet hit by the spread of chaos are readying themselves. Another concern is the potential for a humanitarian crisis, according to For Haiti With Love’s Eva DeHart. “Food can’t move from the port city north, there’s no electricity. It takes electricity to pump water, so they’re going to get into a situation where they have bad water. It could get really bad for the poor population very fast.”

DeHart says they just completed a major food shipment of rice and beans, and replenished their health clinic’s supplies. The move wasn’t an answer to the instability, but it was God’s timing.

While the violence hasn’t yet spread to Cap Haitien, because of the shipments, their teams stand ready to minister. “If things do get rough and people do start getting hurt, then we’ll just start sharing God’s love in the form of treatment for them without asking any questions.”

Pray for peace and for the safety of their teams as they work in this crisis.

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