A ministry seeks help to find food for babies in Haiti.

By June 3, 2005

Haiti (MNN)–For several years, For Haiti With Love says Abbott Pharmaceuticals has been donating baby formula. But, some recent changes meant the “flow” got interrupted, with no promise of when more would come.

The problem, FHL says, is that buying the forumla is too expensive, plus there are cargo charges. The team is praying that Abbott might include these gifts in their future planning. It is given through MAP International, so their corporate decisions are affecting more charities than FHL.

While it doesn’t seem like much, the formula is a critical part of their ministry. It helps mothers who are unable to feed their babies due to injury, malnurishment, or situations where the mother dies in childbirth and the baby needs outside help. There are usually relatives who will raise the baby, but they need help with formula until the baby is old enough to eat solid food.

The good news is that the agency did get a pallet of formula, now headed for Haiti, but there is concern they won’t be able to replenish their supplies. The team gives freely of God’s love in order to help make life better for people in Northern Haiti. Pray that they can re-establish with Abbott to continue the powdered formula segment of the food program.

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