A ministry sees God’s fingerprints on 38 villages in Honduras

By January 15, 2009

Honduras (MNN) — When launched in Honduras, it was
affectionately called the "Rambo Project." Sandy Hudson with International Aid says there's nothing but good news to
share a year later about how effective the fast-moving, high-impact community
transformation project turned out to be.

"We are currently in about 38 villages," he explains. They were  "primarily in Lempira and Santa Barbara,
working with the village leaders around what the needs are for those villages
and bringing them solutions like the Hydraid water filter. But we also built
Lorena stoves, latrines, as well as setting up village

Many poverty-stricken villages need help with health and
wellness information, know-how, supplies, and technical needs. 

They're often dealing with malnutrition, extreme
circumstances, poverty and other problems that feed into a cycle of existing

International Aid knows that more than physical things are required to transform mindsets, values, and behaviors that
affect health and wellbeing. However, by meeting the physical needs, the obstacles
are removed, and those who interact with the teams see a different motivator.

Contact with the Gospel comes through the mission teams that
help and from the church connections in the region. IA is the catalyst to
hope. "Many of the people in
the villages are believers that what we are bringing them reaffirms their faith
that IA is there for them, but more importantly, that Jesus is there for them. We're just doing for them what Jesus does every day for them."

Pray that this program continues to grow even as the church
gets stronger. You can help. Click here
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