A ministry sets its sights on rebuilding Haiti

By January 20, 2010

Haiti (MNN) — The tragedy of
Haiti's disaster sets the stage for rebuilding. The potential is there to set the course for the nation as it emerges
from this crisis. Once the camera lights
fade, and the aid crews pack up and fly out, the real work begins.

Sues Hyde with Biblica says, "The physical is the first thing people
think of, but the long-term care is what takes the longest, and that is when
people start rebuilding their lives."

The shock wears off, and the
questions start. Hyde explains: "Many of the Haitians
are deeply spiritual: some of them are deep believers whose lives have been
based on God's Word, but most of them lost their Bibles in the

Biblica is working with Compassion
International, TWR (formerly Trans World Radio), the Billy Graham Rapid
Response Team, and several other evangelical
ministries to bring the comfort and hope of God's Word. 

A shipment of French New
Testaments heads in today for the Billy Graham team in their crisis ministry.  Hyde says Biblica is working on translating
other pieces into Creole. "'When
Your Whole World Changes' is a great piece for adults, for entire groups to do
together. We worked with Compassion International, and together we came up
with a piece called 'The Survivors' for kids in tough places." 

Only funding will hold them
back. It costs roughly 50-cents a
booklet. Biblica is trying to raise enough to send 50,000 pieces. 

Please keep praying for the people of Haiti, and please
remember Biblica and their ministry partners in prayer. To join them in
providing Haitians with God's Word, visit www.Biblica.com and click on the giving link.


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