A ministry works to help Congolese market boys.

By July 21, 2005

Congo-Kinshasa (MNN)–Long years of civil war in the Democratic Republic of Congo has left the streets filled with children.

While many have been orphaned, others were left abandoned to fend for themselves. That means many drop out of school and scrabble for enough to eat. Many of the boys eke out a meager existence by carrying loads for people at the university and at nearby markets.

Every Child Ministries has been ministering to street boys around a market area across from the Teachers’ Training University, Institut Pedagogique Nationale – IPN for short.

The area has been a hub for these boys, and ECM has been helping feed, clothe, evangelize and disciple these boys.

Many had their education interrupted by the war, so teams also started a beginning literacy class for the boys. They’ve also offered the older street children vocational training so the boys could earn a living.

The program has grown quickly enough, that last year, the first two students graduated from their mechanic’s apprenticeships. They both found jobs and are now off the streets.

It’s success stories like these that reinforce the need for a Center for the kids. It would be a place where boys can get off the streets, especially while in apprenticeship training.

ECM is currently raising funds for the center they hope to build. The team has worked out a rough cost schedule. They estimate that they would need around $4000 annually to rent a home, or about $30,000 to purchase their own property.

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