A miracle in Amomonta

By February 26, 2010

Papua New Guinea (MNN) — IN Network shares a story about
their ministry in the Papua New Guinea Highlands. 

Two men, jailed for murdering Christians in the church of
Amomonta Village village, broke out of prison late last month.

According to IN Network, the escaped pair eventually made
their way back to the village where they tried to mobilize the local village
people once and for all to rid the village of the church. They also targeted Pastor Manuko, Pastor Tony (church planters),
and six others who had been working tirelessly to keep the church going.

Through the prayers of believers, God answered
with a change of heart in the village. Manuko writes, "God performed a miracle
by turning all the village–young and old–who came to us that day to say
'I'm sorry.'"

The community also donated the construction materials to
build a church. Even better, Pastor Manuko is sharing the Gospel with
the pair who is behind bars again. Pray
for hearts to respond.



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