A mission agency gets at the heart of outreach with a pastoral summit.

By November 2, 2005

International (MNN)–While persecution sorely tries the international church, there are those who are preparing church leaders for such a time as this.

Global Advance Ministries’ David Shibley says they just held their second International Summit for Church Leaders.

Many felt that this gathering built on the foundation of the first Summit in 2002. But there was something different about this one. “There seemed to be an international missions ‘family feel’ throughout the entire summit. These brothers feel they are very much linked together across the nations, across the world for the advance of the Gospel.”

43 pastoral delegates participated in this years’ summit. Shibley says from them, an evangelism explosion is likely. “I believe that we will reach our God-given goal of equipping one million pastoral leaders in developing nations.”

Aside for the brewing activity, there’s an excitment that is contagious. Shibley goes on to add that, “I believe that that’s going to happen far more rapidly than any of us ever realized because the delegates themselves are now picking up the vision.”

Begun in 1987, the historic doors of ministry began to swing outwards as GAM took in how many church leaders desperately needed the encouragment and support of others facing the same struggle.

Today, the vision remains clear and unchanged: Equip pastors to reach out with the hope of Christ. Add to that the marketplace ministers, and the Church can become self-supporting–fully capable of vigorous growth even in the most destitute nations.

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