A mission agency issues a call for help in making music in the field.

By December 15, 2006

International (MNN)–Many homes are cluttered with musical instruments that no one plays anymore.

You know the kind…Suzie took clarinet lessons in 4th grade and never again…Desmond was seven when he started the trombone, and quit in high school…or Dad thought it would be a good idea to learn the guitar, but Junior didn’t agree.

As a result, these instruments now sit in the backs of closets, or in basements, gathering dust. Nobody knows exactly what to do with them. Some get resold, others just get forgotten.

Grace Ministries International is looking for those unused clarinets or flutes or other types of instruments to send to their missionaries.

Several of their fields and team members have requested musical instruments for use in worship or by national church praise groups.

You can go to GMI’s website for more details if you have an instrument that you’d like to donate to the mission field.

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