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By March 29, 2007

International (MNN) — It's not unusual to see a growth plan mapped out for mission organizations.  It's not even unusual to see them set goals as a result of past growth.

SEND International follows a carefully nurtured path, much as a farmer has for a future harvest.  It's always being prepared for the expected growth by looking and preparing seasons ahead for what is hoped for.

In looking to populate a mission field with trained leaders, SEND looks to the youth, encourages many to take short-term mission trips to whet a dormant appetite for evangelism, and excites the passion for Christ that is the hallmark of the college-aged church.

Student mobilizers are doing follow-up with students they met at the Urbana Mission conference. Urbana '06 saw more than 22,000 college-aged young people gathering to renew their vision. 

The noted trend there, according to Urbana's organizers, is that the young people attending naturally live out both the word and the deed of the Gospel, instead of the compartmentalization seen in former generations.  That said, it makes it a natural fit to draw upon the untapped interest and desire for missions by connecting mission groups like SEND with such conferences. 

But it's not limited to young people.  They bring energy and passion to the field, but they need years of training yet.  There's also the need for more experienced, mature Christian leaders who want to see SEND's primary goal accomplished.

SEND wants to start churches where none exist and serve the church where it does exist.  This is done through evangelism, nurturing disciples, and developing leaders.

According to SEND's U.S. office, the goal this year is to appoint 60 new missionaries.  Now is a prime time for candidates to return their application materials in order to attend Candidate Orientation in June.

Pray for God's wisdom through this application process.  Pray, too, that God would raise up the needed workers. Click here if you want more information.

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