A mission agency responds to the troubles plaguing Haiti.

By January 6, 2006

Haiti (MNN)–Haiti is a country is plagued by political and criminal violence.

One of the poorest countries in the world, there is word that kidnappings and ransoms now beset the region. Because of the chaos and security trouble, Haitian officials postponed presidential elections, which were to have been Sunday, for a fourth time.

A new date hasn’t been officially set for the election, but the government is reported to be considering February 7th.

Warren Hardig is with Men For Missions, the laymen’s voice of OMS International. He says the unrest raised security issues that they’re addressing. “We’re trying to avoid Port Au Prince as much as possible. We may go to a nearby country, such as the Dominican Republic and then fly in.”

Teams are keeping a low profile. Hardig says they won’t endanger anyone, so they listen to indigenous missionaries who are more in-tune with the ebb and flow of violence. “We’re trying to be very discreet and keep people out of harms’ way, and to not do anything that would add to the political condition there, or the unrest.”

Hardig says overall, their work hasn’t been hampered much by the unrest. However, “Our folks that have ministry in Port Au Prince, yes, it’s been hampered because they can’t really do all that they want to. As far as the ministry of Men For Missions and the short term teams, we’ve had some cutbacks but basically, I would say, we’re still going ahead at over 95%.”

That leaves Hardig enthusiastic about the year ahead. New believers will continue to be discipled and nurtured. New churches will also be established. Continue to pray for pastors and Christian leaders throughout the land that must be trained and encouraged.

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