A mission group defines ‘partnership’ in context

By September 1, 2009

Scotland (MNN) — Brian Marable with Greater Europe Mission 
says, "One of the areas that we, as Greater Europe Mission, have a heart
for is church planting. We believe that God brings forth His Gospel through the

Why Europe? According
to statistics noted on GEM's Web site, there are 821 million people in Europe,
Silk Road nations, and the former Soviet Union–a region known as the 40/70
Window.  That means Europe is the
crossroads of influence for millions of immigrants.  

However, cross-cultural mission is difficult. There are dangers to over-romanticizing the
field and unintentionally undermining the indigenous church. These pitfalls have created difficulties
that make ministry inefficient, as well as a source of misunderstanding.

Marable says GEM has been looking for ways to grow in
Scotland. Rather than re-invent the "wheel," their job as a missions-minded agency was to collaborate with the
indigenous church. How does that look?

A partnership is defined as a relationship between people
characterized by cooperation, respect and mutual responsibility toward a common
goal. In this case, the common goal is
the Great Commission.

Years of relationship building with the national church has
laid the foundation for open communication about needs and dreams.   

Marable says now's the time to build the "house." "We have an invitation from the Scottish.
People are looking for nationals to say, 'We want you to come over and partner
with us in this work.' We have  a lot to
bring to the table, and nationals have  a
lot to bring to the table because they
know their culture, they know the needs of their country…they know the
history of the Gospel in their country."

Marable is headed to Scotland next February to help
establish new churches and train missionary partners. He says initially, "I will be working
with a church in discipleship ministries and coming in sort of an associate
youth pastoral role." 

Taking that role will give him time to work with the church in
Irvine  and time to adjust to the
culture, while getting to know the
people and their needs. They're
working with a church in Edinburgh to build the foundation for new ministry
while at the same time looking for young people who have  a passion for the homeless and the outcast in that region.

Other church leaders have alerted Marable to a new community
going up in Wallyford. There are 10,000 new homes being built, but there is no church presence. They're trying to attract the young
professional, and the field is ripe.

Marable says they're looking for someone to assist a Scottish couple in
church planting there, as well as a couple to help a ministry in Glasgow
reaching out to unmarried pregnant teenagers.
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  • Pat Storer says:

    I note that this may be an old site but if anyone is still monitoring this site I would like to know the opportunities for service in church planting. I have experience in beginning new churches and I have a love for the Scottish people. I met many on a visit to Scotland in 2013 and I have wanted to return to share Christ with them. I am being urged by the Holy Spirit to go….my pastor says it would be better if I were connected with an already established group. I didn’t know Southern Baptists had any work in Scotland so I applied to Youth With A Mission (YWAM) and I haven’t heard anything back from them. I am 74 years old but I am healthy, active (I work in the ER at our local hospital, teach the Bible in our local church, play the piano and teach the Bible in a local nursing home each week.). I have no family responsibilities. I have been involve in missions all of my life…..I’ve been to Brazil, Guatemala, Canada, Mexico, Weatherford, OK, Biloxi MS, I’ve also involved many of our church members in mission activities, outdoor dramas, etc. I’ve served as Youth Director, Music and Worship Leader, WMU Director, Church Secretary, Missions Chairman of a church sponsoring a Korean, Chinese, and Mexican mission churches. Any help or guidance you could give me will be greatly appreciated.

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