A mission group pleads for emergency help in Malawi.

By August 31, 2005

Malawi (MNN)–It’s known as the ‘Warm heart of Africa’–and the smiles of the people show it.

But, AIDS and a famine have greatly magnified Malawi’s poverty and the smiles are wearing thin. The African national committee partnering with Hopegivers International estimates that by 2010, there will be 20 million orphans in the countries of Malawi, Zimbabwe and Uganda; with most residing in Malawi.

In light of this, Hopegivers is trying to respond to a desperate plea for emergency help from their partner there.

Hopegivers believes that spiritual nourishment goes hand-in-hand with physical aid such as medicine and food.

So, the agency has sent medical aid, but funding to meet the other needs fell critically short. With the 2005 harvest failing, the impact of poor crops will not hit the population until the October-April period.

However, that won’t change things much. More than a third of the population lacks enough to meet their daily nutritional needs as it is.

Malawi is one of the poorest nations on earth, and the poverty is expected to increase in the months ahead. HGI partners there can feed a child for $8 a month.

Pray for those reaching out with the hope of Christ there; time is running out for many in that desperate nation.

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