A mission team launches a new medical missions project in Tanzania.

By January 9, 2006

Tanzania (MNN)–Tanzania is the largest of the East African nations, with a varied geography that is as challenging as it is spectacular.

It makes getting services to some areas difficult. Grace Ministries International’s Sam Vinton says they’ve been working around that challenge for some time. “We have missionary work that’s begun for a number of years now in what they call Rukwa Valley, which is a very inaccessible area, especially in the rainy season. There’s very little medical work in the area. One of the programs that our missionaries are developing with Mission Aviation Fellowship is how to get a doctor there several times a month.”

He says they’re launching a monthly fly-in medical clinic this month into the Rukwa Valley. It’s a partnership between MAF, the Uhai clinic of Mbeya and Grace Church of Tanzania. “Through this way, you build confidence with the people, they trust you, they know you’re there to help them physically, and of course, they know we’re there as missionaries. We have churches—and so this has opened up opportunities as far as the Gospel.”

GMI has planted 72 churches, started one Bible institute, and one hospital. They also have added agriculture programs, a votech building and other medical clinics as an effort to meet some of the physical needs of the people.

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