A new animated film could point many kids to Christ

By December 24, 2003

USA (MNN) — It’s called the ‘God Man’. It’s a 5-million dollar 3-D, photo-realistic, animated film on the life of Christ. It’s a project that the Book of Hope hopes to have a huge impact on evangelism.

Book of Hope’s Rob Hoskins says, “We’re really believing that upon it’s completion as we begin to translate it that it’s really going impact the entire children and youth culture around the world.”

90-percent of the production of the English version is completed for an anticipated release date of Easter 2004. That’s despite the fact that they are facing a $700,000 short fall in fund raising. Hoskins says, “We’re anticipating as excitement grows for the project that the need is going to be met.”

Dr. Augustine Pinto owns the largest private school network in the world. Pinto, based in India, previewed the ‘God Man’ recently. He says, “This will have great impact on Indian children (once translated). In India we have 400-million children. I believe this could be a tremendous tool in bringing children to the knowledge of Jesus.”

With many children exposed to M-TV and other western culture, Pinto believes “this will be well received” both in urban and rural areas.

Pinto says will will also address the illiteracy problem. “In India,” says Pinto, “We have about 100-million children who do not go to school. So, they can not read or write, but if they watch this film I think that their lives will be changed.”

Translating the ‘God Man’ will take time. Hoskins says, “It’ll cost us about $250,000 to $300,000 for each cultural version. So, that will be the next phase of our project.” Interest in airing the ‘God Man’ is already coming in from Indian television networks.

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